Bedwars is a PvP game mode where teams compete to destroy each other's beds and eliminate opponents while defending their own base and gathering resources to strengthen themselves.


In TNTball, two teams face off in an intense PvP battle, each defending their territory while launching explosive TNT at the opposing team. Victory goes to the last team standing amidst the chaos of explosions and strategic gameplay.


In CityBuild, players collaborate to construct and develop a thriving virtual city within the game. They gather resources, build structures, and manage various aspects of city life, such as housing, infrastructure, and economy. With a focus on creativity, teamwork, and urban planning, CityBuild offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience where players can unleash their architectural imagination and create bustling virtual metropolises.


Skywars is a PvP game mode in Minecraft where players spawn on separate islands, gather resources, and battle to be the last one standing. Players must strategically navigate the floating islands, eliminate opponents, and survive until the end to claim victory.

Capture The Flag

In Capture The Flag, players aim to seize the enemy's flag and bring it to the central location, where they must hold it for 10 seconds to capture it. Accumulating five captured flags secures victory for the team, requiring a blend of offensive maneuvers, defensive strategies, and swift coordination to outwit opponents and claim triumph.


In OneBlock, players start on a single block floating in the void. As they break the block, it regenerates with new resources, allowing them to progress through various stages of gameplay, from basic survival to advanced crafting and exploration. It's a unique and challenging game mode that offers a fresh twist on traditional Minecraft survival, encouraging players to adapt and innovate as they navigate the evolving landscape of their solitary block.


KnockIt is a mini-game in Minecraft in which players stand on a platform and try to knock their opponents off the platform by skilfully hitting them with a stick, while at the same time trying not to fall off themselves.


In Spleef, players compete in an arena filled with blocks that can be destroyed. The objective is to break the blocks beneath opponents' feet, causing them to fall into the void below while avoiding the same fate. The last player remaining on solid ground wins the game, requiring quick reflexes and strategic block-breaking to outlast opponents.


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