§1 Validity of these rules and regulations

  1. This set of rules is valid for the Minecraft network and all related components.
  2. By playing on, the player accepts these rules and agrees to follow them.
  3. Failure to follow these rules may result in punishments from the server team.
  4. Changes to the rules can be made at any time and are binding with immediate effect. For this reason it is obligatory to inform yourself regularly about the current status of the rules.
  5. Ignorance does not protect you from punishment.

§2 Punishments

If players feel that a penalty is unjust, they have the right to plead a one-time request for mitigation and / or cancellation of the penalty at If adequate evidence is provided, the penalty can be mitigated and / or annulled by a team member. Otherwise, a mitigation and / or cancellation of the penalty is not possible.

  1. In general, punishments will only be imposed with appropriate severity and reason.
  2. Material in evidence shall in principle only be made available for as long as the duration of the temporary penalty lasts. In the case of a permanent sentence, the relevant material shall be available for one year after the date of the sentence, provided that this is in accordance with paragraph 3.
  3. Possible punishments are
  • Exclusion from the network (ban)
  • Exclusion from the chat (Mute)
  • Deleting the data belonging to games (stat reset)

§3 Expression in word and writing

  1. Any inappropriate chat behaviour towards other players / the server / outsiders / other participants is prohibited. This includes, for example, insults, disrespectful or provocative statements (such as noob, eZ, l2p), sexual innuendos and threats. It does not matter whether the statements are meant seriously or not. Any conflict must be resolved on a factual level.
  2. The repeated expression of the same or similar wording within a short period of time is prohibited (spam). For long texts, preference should be given to the website.
  3. Radicalism in any form is strictly forbidden.
  4. The sharing of private data (including, for example, the private data of users) is strictly forbidden.
  5. Advertising in all forms is forbidden. This includes for example
  • Advertising for other Minecraft servers
  • Advertising for a streaming service account (for example YouTube / Twitch)
  • Advertising for a specific brand / company
  • Advertising of banned modifications / account sales

§4 Client Modifications

  1. The player can install client modifications (mods for short) on his own due to the technical possibilities of Minecraft. However, it is not recommended to do so, as a smooth gameplay on can no longer be guaranteed.
  2. The team is not liable for problems caused by modifying the Minecraft client. Likewise, no support can be guaranteed for this. Problems in this area are to be outsourced to the Minecraft forums specialised in this area.
  3. Any modifications, whether on the client or externally, which grant the player a significant advantage are strictly prohibited, as fairness towards the other players can no longer be guaranteed. Even just joining with a forbidden modification is already a violation of the rules.

§5 Other Regulations

  1. Exploitation of bugs is forbidden, furthermore a discovered bug should be immediately forwarded to a team member.
  2. Minecraft skins that show offensive, insulting or national socialist contours are forbidden.
  3. The deliberate destruction of other players’ structures (griefing) is prohibited.
  4. Multiple “Joining” and “Leavening” as a Premium player to kick Non-Premium players is not allowed.
  5. The directions of the server team must be followed.
  6. Everyone is responsible for their own account. So if another person (than the original owner) violates the rules, a ban / mute will still be issued.
  7. Intentionally playing against one’s own team (intentionally killing and building in – or generally intentionally disturbing team members, as well as destroying one’s own team’s items or otherwise maliciously obstructing one’s own team – “trolling”) is forbidden.
  8. The bypassing of all punishments (e.g. mutes, bans and suspensions) by a second account is not allowed. It does not matter in which way this account comes to our attention.
  9. Illegal teams (e.g. in Bedwars) are forbidden. It is apparent in the game on which servers teams are permitted and disallowed.
  10. The use of misleading, offensive or insulting ingame names, clan names / clantags, status or pet names is forbidden.
  11. Untactical spawnkilling or spawntrapping is forbidden. Tactical spawnkilling / spawntrapping is tolerated for up to 2 minutes.
  12. Manipulating statistics (boosting) is not allowed.
  13. The use of automated functions (bots) is forbidden
  14. A drastically increased click speed is disallowed.
  15. Joining with accounts that originate from account lists (hacked, publicly accessible accounts) is forbidden.
  16. The building of offensive / incorrect structures (e.g. swastikas) is illegal.
  17. Intentionally misleading team members (e.g. by faking unauthorised client modifications) is prohibited.


§1 General behaviour on our TeamSpeak

  • Please respect other users of the server. If you continuously insult other users or commit other offences, you will have to face consequences. These can be either a kick or a ban.

§2 Naming

  • We ask every user to log into TeamSpeak with the same nickname as ingame. This serves the purpose of clarity.
  • Nicknames and channel names must not contain any offensive, racist or similar content.
  • Name tags such as [admin], (admin) or similar are forbidden.
  • Accounts or identities with inadmissible pseudonyms (nicknames) will be banned/kicked from the server (for more details see §5).
    The same applies to user channels, which will be deleted in case of doubt.
  • In addition, names that resemble a YouTuber (or known persons and team members) in order to intentionally confuse people are also forbidden. If these are not changed after a request, you will be kicked/banned.

§3 Disturbing conversations

  • Disturbances of any kind will not be tolerated, always behave politely.
  • Loud music in the background (be it through soundboards, mobile phones, stereo systems or similar), continuous, disruptive talking, as well as “disturbing noises” such as loud hissing, echoing, intentionally provoked noises etc. in the background are to be avoided.
  • Use your TeamSpeak settings and mute your mic when necessary to allow others to converse.
  • The use of voice distorters is forbidden and will also be punished with a kick or ban.

§4 Channel Hopping

  • Channel hopping is forbidden, i.e. hopping from channel to channel is not allowed!
  • If you annoy people by constantly re-entering the channel, you may also be kicked or banned.

§5 AFK (away from keyboard)

  • If you are absent, you should use the AFK channels or consider leaving TeamSpeak altogether for that time and rejoin later. This has the purpose of keeping slots free for other users.

§6 Avatars and nicknames

  • Avatars (pictures) may not contain any insults or content glorifying violence.
  • Please also note that misanthropic, racist, sexist, national socialist, pornographic, discriminatory or other content that is illegal under German law is illegal.
  • If a pseudonym, i.e. the name of a user, or an avatar violates one of the above rules, a kick or even a ban will be imposed.
  • Insults towards team members will also be punished with a kick or ban.

§7 Music bots, soundboards, general bots and plugins

  • Only music bots in your own channel are allowed. Music bots in public channels (even if only quietly in the background) will be punished with a ban.
  • Musicbots are not allowed to be used as placeholders to keep a channel “alive”.
  • Other bots are not allowed. Furthermore, any plugins that interfere with the normal use of Teamspeak (love plugin and the like) are not allowed.

§8 Recording conversations

  • Recording conversations is not allowed on the complete server! Unless you have explicit permission from an administrator. Or you are a channel admin in a password-protected channel with a visible reference to recording in the title of the channel.

§9 Attacks and disruption attempts

  • Any attack, even attempted, against this server is punishable under §§303a, 303b StGB.
  • The IP addresses will be logged and in the incident of an attempted attack of any kind, criminal charges will be brought.
  • This applies especially to flooding with various programmes and (D)DoS attacks.
  • Sending links to fraudulent and harmful websites is illegal.

§10 Kicking and banning

  • Nobody will be banned or kicked for no reason! ALL team members have the right to kick and/or ban people if they see the need to do so.

§11 Advertising

  • Any kind of advertising for own purposes is prohibited, if this has not been agreed upon with the server management beforehand.
  • By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertising, images, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content uploaded to the channels.
  • The soliciting of members is not allowed on our server.

§12 Data protection

  • Private data like phone numbers, addresses, passwords, IPs, pictures, Facebook accounts etc. are not allowed to be exchanged or obtained.
  • A team member will never ask for your password or similar.

§13 Identity obfuscations

  • VPNs, proxies or similar identity obfuscations are not allowed!

§14 Right to issue instructions

  • The server team has full right of instruction. Anyone who does not follow the instructions of the server team will be warned and in serious cases kicked. If this happens frequently, a ban is to be expected.

§15 Disputes

  • Private misunderstandings and disputes are also to be kept private and do not belong on this TeamSpeak.

§16 Muting or blocking team members is forbidden

§17 Voice distorter

  • A voice distorter or soundboard or anything similar is forbidden and will be punished with a 7-day ban!


§1 Naming

  • We ask every user to log into Discord with the same nickname as ingame. This serves the clarity. (But it is not a requirement)
  • So-called fake names are forbidden.
  • Generally, nicknames may not have any insulting or similar content.
  • Bad nicknames will be banned from the server!

§2 Disturbing conversations

  • Users who intentionally disrupt conversations and do not show any understanding even after repeated warnings must expect a channel or server kick. In unreasonable cases, temporary bans will be imposed, up to and including a permanent ban.

§3 Insults

  • The general netiquette also applies here. Anyone who does not use a sensible tone and insults other users, whether directly or subtly, must live with the consequences.

§4 Noises

  • Obscene noises or hissing of the headset are to be refrained from! You are also asked to adjust the microphone so that your breathing cannot be heard continuously. If you are eating and have nothing to say, please deactivate your microphone.

§5 Conflicts

  • Private misunderstandings and disputes are also to be kept private and do not belong on the server.

§6 Right to issue instructions

  • The administrators have full right of instruction on the server. Anyone who does not follow their instructions will be warned and in serious cases kicked. If this happens frequently, a ban is to be expected.

§7 Attacks

  • Any attack against this server is punishable by law. This applies in particular to flooding with various programmes and DOS attacks.

§8 Recording conversations

  • Recording conversations on the entire server is only allowed in consultation with the users present on the channel. This is to protect your privacy.

§9 Advertising

  • Any kind of advertising is forbidden unless previously agreed with an administrator.
  • By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertising, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content that are uploaded to the channels.

§10 Data protection

  • Private data like phone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. must not be exchanged publicly. A team member will never ask for your password. If this is the case, please report it to DyhnenTv#7341.

§11 Text channels, text messages and avatars

  • The use of words which could give the impression that you are a member of the team or which are misanthropic, racist, sexist, pornographic, national socialist, copyrighted or discriminatory, as well as avatars which violate the personal rights of a person, are not allowed.
  • We are authorised to delete messages from the text areas.
  • The messages must fit the topic of the text channel!

§12 Respect privacy

  • All players should respect the privacy of others, if someone is not online for a longer period of time then they will have a reason to disallow messages like @username or conversation connections.